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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for showing an interest in flies from Gone Fishing (Kenya) Ltd. Kenya is the home of fly manufacturing and has a long tradition for supplying flies for export. We are continuing that tradition and have set quality as our foremost aim. We are a relatively small company with about 100 tyers and we have an ongoing training programme run by our experienced staff. This is boosted by visits from professional tyers from overseas.

• Prices

Our prices are governed by quantity. There is no minimum order size. For orders over 1000 dozens, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit of 50% of the value of the order. The prices shown are ex-factory. The price does not include shipment nor the customs charge verifying the country of origin.

For bulk orders of more than 20 dozen per pattern, please contact us for information about further discount.

• Duty Free Importation

Gone Fishing Ltd is registered as an exporter under the General System of Preferences which means that our flies can be imported into participating countries Duty Free. This makes a considerable saving for our customers. You need to find out how this is applicable to you. If a consignment is sent under this program, the flies have to be certified by Kenya Customs and Form A3 signed. We have to buy this form and pay for the certification. The cost is in the region of GB25.00. Without this, Customs will charge the import duty applicable to the destination country.

• Bespoke Patterns

Gone Fishing undertakes to develop bespoke patterns for customers and agrees to keep these exclusive for current customers. There is an additional charge of 10% per dozen for this service.

• Returns Policy

In the event that a customer is not satisfied with the flies supplied, Gone Fishing agrees to retie these patterns or refund the payment, once the flies have been returned to the factory by airmail at our expense. The returns must be dispatched within two weeks of receiving the flies. We cannot accept flies returned after this time.

• Terms of Payment

Once the order is complete, a proforma invoice will be sent by e-mail. When the payment is made the order is dispatched. If you are unhappy with the flies, we ask you to return them to us at our cost within two weeks of receipt. On receiving them, your money will be refunded, or we will re-tie the flies.

Payment is made into one of two accounts, one in the UK and the other in Kenya. This is done by TT. PayPal is an alternative for small orders of less than 800 dozens. If using PayPal, we ask that the 5% charge levied is split so that we each pay 2.5%.

We have become increasingly aware that when we invoice customers in Euros or USD and the payment is made direct to our UK bank, we are losing out on the exchange rate and the bank charges applied. We would very much appreciate it if you would consider the following options and let us know which one you would prefer to use:

Option A: we continue to invoice you as before in Euros or USD but, instead of making the payment direct to our bank, it is made through PayPal. There is a 5% charge for this and we ask that this is shared equally so that we both pay 2.5%. The exchange rate used by PayPal is fairer to us. This option is suitable for small orders up to about 800 dozens.

Option B: we invoice you in GBP and this is the figure you use when making the transfer to our Lloyds account.

• Delivery

We use DHL, FeDex, Aramex or UPS or can send by airmail for small orders. If you require insurance, this can be arranged through the courier company. There is no insurance for flies sent by post. If you have an account with any of the above, please inform us and we will send all the information needed so that you can book the shipment on account.

• Brands

We import material from all over the world to make sure that the flies we produce are of the highest quality. These come from Veniard, WAPSI, Whiting, Hareline, Hedron etc.

Hooks: our salt water patterns are tied on Gamakatsu and Mustad hooks. Salmon and trout flies are tied on Partridge, Mustad and VMC hooks. Standard trout patterns are tied on Kumho hooks.

If there is other information that you require, please contact us by e-mail.
Johnny Onslow
Managing Director